10 Creative Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

10 Creative Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

Being a stay at home mom can be challenging because at times it can leave you feeling little fulfillment outside of raising your children and being a wife. If you have all these creative ideas bottled up, you need to have an outlet to get it all out. Why not have that outlet be a creative way to showcase your talents, and make a living from it?

Here is a list of creative jobs for stay at home moms that you may or may not have thought about. Either way, this list will inspire you to go get creative!


Etsy Shop Owner

First on my list is an Etsy Shop Owner. This one has become quite popular. However, some people don’t know whether this is a lucrative path or if they are even creative enough to have an Etsy shop.

Well, the truth of the matter is the possibilities on Etsy are truly endless! You can start a shop whether you are into crafting or have no knowledge of being an artist at all. If there is anything you don’t know, it can be taught through tutorials on YouTube.

Some Etsy shop ideas that are popular right now are adulting stickers, custom baby and children’s clothes, home decor, personalized bridal gifts, custom t-shirts, handmade soaps, printables, mugs, jewelry, logos, invitations, and so many more!

The beauty is that some of these don’t even require you to have inventory on hand! I go more in detail on great Etsy Shop ideas on this blog post.

Voice Actor

If you know me then you know that I am also an actor, and I have found that voice acting is so amazing because it allows me the opportunity to audition right from home. I set my studio up in my closet! Talk about convenient!

As long as you are soundproofed properly and your kids are not screaming at the top of their lungs, you can easily slip in and record, then come out to cook dinner all in the comfort of your own home.

If you have no acting experience you can start by taking Improv classes, and find an awesome voice over coach. Some will teach you virtually, which really makes it convenient to learn.

There is a pretty intense learning curve when it comes to the technicalities of learning how the equipment and software should be used. But with a great coach, you will love voice acting from home, if you have ever caught the acting bug.


Fiverr has become so popular now, so some of you may have already used Fiverr yourself. But if you are great at social media marketing, SEO, voice acting, graphic designing, illustrating, web design, writing, or even relationship advice Fiverr is a great tool to grow your business from home.

It may seem like the money isn’t great, but it’s important to remember that you don’t have to charge $5. The idea is to charge less for more, and with a lower price, you get so much business on a platform that brings you traffic from people who trust Fiverr.

If nothing else this an awesome side hustle while building your own clientele.

Work At Home Beauty Specialist/ Consultant

If you have your cosmetology license or are a makeup artist you may consider utilizing your skills from home. This is another situation with lots of options.

If you have the capability to dedicate a room to your clients, you may consider taking clients from home. You can really expand your income by becoming a certified lash stylist or microblading technician. If you include this into your brand, you can teach classes on the technique on the weekends. I’ve seen classes start at $600 and I’ve seen some courses as high as $900. Market well on social media and you won’t even have to take clients during the week if you didn’t want to.

If you have no interest in any of these, consider starting a beauty blog and making money from your affiliate sales, or becoming a virtual beauty consultant. This allows you the opportunity to share all your knowledge and from the comfort of your own home.


This brings me to my next creative mom job. Blogging! If you haven’t already heard the income possibilities with blogging are so vast that you would probably kick yourself for not at least trying it.

The great thing about blogging is that you can blog about so many things and still have great income possibilities if you have a strategic plan in place. Some ways to make money with your blog include affiliate posts, sponsored posts, social media sponsored posts or advertising, courses, ads, coaching, and others.

Find a great course, and a fabulous group of mom bloggers to connect with on facebook to ask questions when you’re stumped. It will take time, but this is definitely a great source of income to have. Not to mention, amazing for your confidence. Who doesn’t feel good about helping someone else?

Social Media Influencer

Now you could be thinking “no way”, but hear me out. If you have already started a blog or just happen to love taking amazing pictures already, you may as well turn into another source of income.

Social media influencers make their income from their audience, so you will need to work hard to build a following that trusts you and the expertise you have. However, the income possibilities are incredible! You would get your money through partnering with brands to promote their products to your following.

I worked an event during fashion week when I was taking brand ambassador jobs. This event was for influencers, and one influencer was multi-millionaire at 16. She was paying for her parents to live all posting on Instagram!

Hey, if you aren’t interested in becoming an influencer, it may pay to let that teenager of yours stay on social media for all the hours they request! You may not have to work.

But on a more serious note, it may seem like a job that’s not for moms, however I’ve seen so many influencer moms do well with this. All while partnering with brands they may have already been using, or brands they may have wanted to purchase from, but at one point could not afford.

Whether you choose YouTube, Instagram, or both as a platform, I would recommend looking into the possibilities of using where you are to grow your income.

Social Media Manager/ Specialist

If you enjoy social media or have the gift of growing a large, engaged audience, being a social media manager would be an amazing opportunity for you.

The job would include managing your client’s social media content, creating posts, analyzing their social media strategies and offering your expertise on how they can improve, it may also include engaging with their audience. Some clients may request some skills in graphic design and video editing knowledge, as you will be the one curating and managing all images and videos for the brand.

This is also a job where you can practice on Fiverr until you feel confident enough to reach out to major brands.

Graphic Design

So many businesses today need graphic designers! If you already have the skillset or have wanted to learn graphic design, it is definitely worth it to consider doing this from home. You can market your logos and other designs on Etsy and Fiverr. If you create a shop with premade logos and printables, you can make passive income. Which is amazing! You’ll get to the point where you can make money on vacation, without having to do much of anything.



While photography does require shooting on outside locations sometimes, you also have the opportunity to turn a room in your house into an at-home studio. Now I would suggest having a mother’s helper come for a couple of hours while you are with your clients, but it would not require much time away from the kids since most photography sessions don’t last longer than 3 hours depending on the type of photography you do. Some genres are more demanding than others.

But this is another job that has endless opportunities! You can specialize in photographing newborns, cake smash sessions, maternity, branding sessions, food. The list goes on and on. And all the sessions I just mentioned can be done from your home studio.

If you want to have even more freedom, you can sell stock photos through a third party like Shuttershock, Flickr, Getty Images, Pixabay, and others. This will create passive income for you to take sessions on location or at home.

Virtual Coach

My final suggestion is to become a virtual coach in whatever creative skillset you have. If you are a musician you can teach music theory, if you are an actor you can coach actors for auditions, or even do consultations for how they can better market their business. You can teach photography, filmmaking,  how to start and grow a YouTube channel, how to be a social media influencer, social media marketing, graphic design, state board prep for cosmetology. Literally whatever you want to teach all through Zoom, or any other virtual platform.

You may even consider offering the course through your business’ website, which will make you a passive living!

I really hope you enjoyed my tips for creative jobs you can do from home. If you loved this post please don’t be afraid to comment! I love connecting with my readers.




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